Al giardino spettrale al lauro muto (Autumn Garden) Florence

To the spectral garden to the mute laurel

of green garlands,

to the autumnal land

a last salute.

On the arid slopes

harsh, reddened by the last rays

a confusion of hoarse

sound cries distant life:

cries to the dying sun

that stains the borders.

A fanfare is heard

rising stridently: the river vanishes

into golden sands: in silence

the white statues stand facing

the bridgehead: and already things ‘no longer are.’

And from the deep silence a chorus

rises, tender and magnificent,

yearningly towards my balcony;

and with the fragrance of laurel

piercing and languorous,

amongst the immortal sunset statues

she is present there.

~ Dino Campana (1885-1932)


About papa_rod

Systems Engineer Married Daughter and grandkids Voracious Reader.Love all kinds of music. Nature nut, lover of God, hiker when I am not crippled.
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