Sweet Smell



I remember well that sweet smell. Aroma permeated with anise, lavender, mint, and sugars. Even 51 years later I can smell it in my memory. The nuns had taken us to a nearby candy factory run by the Ursuline’s at Flavigny Abbey. It was like heaven for a motley pack of 5 year old’s. Mouths watering and eyes wide open we wandered the floor behind the nuns as they described the process of making the pastille’s. My nose seemed to guide me and ruled over all of my thoughts. I would be a slave forever to this aroma, this mixture of heavenly smells. Of course at the end of the day, which we never wanted to happen, we received some of the candy to take home. I liked the taste of the candy but what has always remained more important and enjoyable to me was the smell. What is remarkable to me is that this smell or portions of it always seem to be associated with good events in my life. (Work in progress)


About papa_rod

Systems Engineer Married Daughter and grandkids Voracious Reader.Love all kinds of music. Nature nut, lover of God, hiker when I am not crippled.
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