Whatever Happened to Modesty?

Fleshpot – Old definition – Nightclubs and bars. I don’t count beaches because it’s to be expected. Scantily clad women and sometimes men advertising their bodies.


Fleshpot – New definition – The Mall…Scantily clad women and young girls?


I went to the mall with my wife yesterday and was amazed at the dress of many of the women shopping there. I was not so amazed by the men who were apparently eyeing the walking candy display. What really amazed me was a mother daughter team walking the mall way. The mother did not hide much of her assets and neither did her 11 year old or thereabouts daughter. From heels to the top of the head they were nearly identical except for the age. This is what we want to teach our daughters? Even one of the fellows at the T-Mobile store commented how shocked he was at the dress or lack of covering on many young girls…we are talking pre-teen and teens here. He saw a young girl that was wearing fishnets and an almost see through top. Now if you think I am some old conservative fogey this guy was mid-twenties and he felt the same as I. 

I am a firm believer that beauty is found in the eyes and in the heart. But I am a man after all and it is often difficult to avoid the display of flesh. Help us out girls…dress modestly, show your true beauty with your smile and laugh. 



About papa_rod

Systems Engineer Married Daughter and grandkids Voracious Reader.Love all kinds of music. Nature nut, lover of God, hiker when I am not crippled.
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One Response to Whatever Happened to Modesty?

  1. I love this. So true. Agreed.

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