A Gentle Breaking of the Heart.

“To brood on evil makes the heart brazen; but to destroy evil through self-restraint and hope breaks the heart. There is a breaking of the heart that is gentle and makes it deeply penitent, and there is a breaking that is violent and harmful, shattering it completely. Vigils, prayer, and patient acceptance of what comes constitute a breaking that does not harm but benefits the heart, provided we do not destroy the balance between them through excess. He who perseveres in them will be helped in other ways as well; but he who is slack and negligent will suffer intolerably on leaving this life. A self-indulgent heart becomes a prison and chain for the soul when it leaves this life; whereas an assiduous heart is an open door.” ~St. Mark the Ascetic

Let Us Pray,

We come to Thee, dear Lord, with the Apostles, saying, “Increase our faith.” Give us a strong and lively faith in the mystery of Thy real presence in the midst of us. Give us the splendid faith of the centurion, which drew from Thee such praise. Give us the faith of the beloved disciple to know Thee in the dark and say, “It is the Lord,” Give us the faith of Peter to confess, “Thou art Christ, the Son of the living God.” Give us the faith of Magdalen to fall at Thy feet crying, “Rabboni, Master.” Give us the faith of all Thy saints, to whom the Blessed Sacrament has been heaven begun on earth. In every communion increase our faith; for with faith, love, and humility, and reverence, and docility, and all good, will come into our souls. Dearest Lord, increase our faith. Amen  (Source: Prayer Book For Religious)


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1 Response to A Gentle Breaking of the Heart.

  1. Very beautiful. I like this idea of breaking the heart gently…

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